Do you:

  • Want to have the peace, grace and attainment of a monk and also live in the world? 
  • Want to learn how to keep your heart open in difficult situations?
  •  Want to heal your life and become the best soul version of you? 
  • Be free from spiritual b.s. that holds you back. Want a spiritual mentor that can guide you on the right path?
  •  Want to be unashamedly you and return to wholeness? 

In this thought-provoking book, Sally Lakshmi Amma Thurley reveals the tools, practices and experiences she used to heed the universal calling. It has taken her decades of dedication to her inner world, to keeping her heart open after life traumas, to healing her life and living her purpose as a spiritual being in the world to have the peace, grace and attainment of a monk and also live in the real world.

Sally has done this herself and found the merging points between spiritual practice and personal development, both of which are needed to be a She-Monk. Sally now helps others do the same, recognising that it would have been much easier if she had a mentor who could have given her the right direction and step-by-step counsel along the way. We are in a new era of consciousness, our roles have changed, we have access to new ways of being and we can finally allow ourselves to express who we are as consciousness flowing through us.

"Let me be your spiritual mentor on your journey"

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Sally ‘Lakshmi Amma’ Thurley discovered as a young girl that there was a Self, an inner witness that was part of something much greater than what was obvious as a human body. This led her on a life time’s pursuit of all things spirit and truth and that god experience had to come through the arts as an emotional connection first. She navigated an expat upbringing, lifetime struggles with health, disability and finding her voice due to an unsettled family life.

Overnight in 2014 her legs finally stopped moving due to debilitating arthritis and her world was turned upside down with an inexplicable illness. It was to become a deep and mystical experience, dressed up as a healing crisis. The universe took everything away, one by one – her relationship, home, ashram, her health. It became the culmination of everything she’d learned and took her to a whole new universal place. She also found what she calls her ‘spiritual angelic posse’ that were there to help. Her life needed healing and she was being healed from the inside out and learned what healing really is all about; she also came face to face with the darkest depression and the light that is waiting when we go right into it without fear.

Sally is a mystic and an artist. She honors her calling as an entrepreneur, combining her experience, love and wisdom to dedicate her life to help those that wish to find the grace amidst living in the world, who want to thrive soulfully and have the best life ever. Those who are dedicated to self-realization and want to move beyond myths and limiting beliefs. She holds offline and online meditation and healing groups, courses, workshops and retreats and does spiritual mentoring for those ready to find and live by their life purpose as spirit flowing through them.  

Grab your copy!

AUD $20.00